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Paper and Cardboard

Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard manufacturing services

Paper and cardboard manufacturing services

With the expansion of our business activity to include heat and drying systems in the paper and carton manufacturing industry, we want to meet our standard for integrated and sustainable energy solutions.

Our structure, our independent approach and our ability to meet a wide range of operator requirements form a solid base for flexible, fast and customer-focussed completion.

TANN Europe designs, performs energy audits and takes measurements, from which it derives proposals for solutions, works with the operator to develop the most apt solution, supplies, assembles and installs and commissions the relevant equipment.

TANN thus primarily sees itself as a system supplier and process provider.

TANN services not only include optimisations, conversions and modernisations, but also new build with steam and condensate systems especially designed for the demand, heat recovery, pumped hot water systems, dry end hoods, pocket ventilation, coating system dryers as well as hall ventilation largely using secondary energy, seen from the perspective of your overall system.

Energy-saving solutions go hand in hand with a reduction of CO2 emissions, which reflects the focussing of our actions on sustainability.
In our analyses and solutions, we not only draw on many years of experience but also on unconventional methods.

Our service team is available to our partners worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote maintenance and production data acquisition. Troubleshooting, analysis and elimination.

Our service also applies to production systems, peripheral systems and third-party systems.

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