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Exhaust air treatment


Thermal oxidation air treatment unit (TNV) for oxidation of VOC’s with integrated or external heat exchangers.

The recuperative, purely thermal exhaust air treatment system is marked as a safe and flexible solution for oxidation of all organic-load exhaust airflows. Even the constantly tightening legal provisions for pure air values are safely respected.

The exhaust air is pre-heated via the heat exchangers to approx. 550°C and then fed to a process burner.

In the downstream combustion chamber the organic compounds are oxidised to carbon dioxide and water in a temperature range of 720 – 750°C. The oxidation energy released is primarily used via the heat exchangers for pre-warming process exhaust gases.

Areas of application

  • All areas of the coatings industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Food production

  • Adhesives/adhesive band production

  • Chip/composite panel production


  • Exhaust flows

    500 – 70.000 Nm³/h

  • Toxin load

    0–25 % UEG, bei 20 °C

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