Exhaust air treatment type TO


Exhaust air treatment TO – Thermal oxidation air treatment unit (TNV) for oxidation of VOC’s with integrated or external heat exchangers.

The recuperative, purely thermal exhaust air treatment system is marked as a safe and flexible solution for oxidation of all organic-load exhaust airflows. Even the constantly tightening legal provisions for pure air values are safely respected.

The exhaust air is pre-heated via the heat exchangers to approx. 550°C and then fed to a process burner.

In the downstream combustion chamber the organic compounds are oxidised to carbon dioxide and water in a temperature range of 720 – 750°C. The oxidation energy released is primarily used via the heat exchangers for pre-warming process exhaust gases.

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Application areas for exhaust air treatment TO

Optionally hot gas can be taken directly out of the combustion chamber via a bypass system. The residual oxidation energy can be fed back for further use in the process.

This can be performed direct via pure gas return or via the heat exchangers.

The systems are completely process-controlled and require minimal servicing.

  • All areas of the coatings industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Adhesives/adhesive band production
  • Textile industry
  • Chip/composite panel production


Performance data
Exhaust flows 500 – 70.000 Nm³/h
VOC 0–25 % UEG, at 20 °C